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Personal Data Protection Policy

fax.co.uk is registered with the Information Commissioner and complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 with regard to the collection, storage, processing and disclosure of personal information and is committed to upholding the Act's core Data Protection Principles.

Information collected by our account sign-up process and whilst conducting our business will be used only for the purposes of running our service and the specific facilities therein.

For more information on the Data Protection Act see the Information Commissioner's website.
Our Registration number is Z7696703

Service-Specific Concerns:

Supply of Recipients Numbers / Email Addresses
We do not supply lists of fax numbers or email addresses.
Whilst we require these details to conduct our business we do not pass them to any other body.
Clients who use our services to send email to fax or mobile must provide the recipient numbers.
If our service is used for an unsolicited fax broadcast we require that our clients ensure the recipient fax numbers have been screened against the Fax Preference Service.

Content of Email / Fax / SMS
It is not our policy to view the content of our clients messages - however for the purposes of troubleshooting and support our systems do provide facilities for us to view such messages. From a practical point of view it is a rare occurrence as there are many thousands of messages passing through our systems every day.
Staff at fax.co.uk are briefed on the importance of confidentiality and the implications of the Data Protection Act.

Content of Incoming Email
Once a message is received by our mailservers it is stored on systems connected by a separate network and non-TCP/IP protocol. There is no direct access from the public internet. The content of the message is stored for a few days to allow for troubleshooting and then deleted. A data record of the messages transition through our system is kept for longer - but only for accounting purposes. It does not include the message contents.

Content of Incoming Fax to Email
The fax-to-email servers do store the fax images for over 20 days (depending on storage space) to allow for clients who have requested on-line password-protected access to these images.
By default this access is completely disabled.
All our incoming fax numbers are registered with the Fax Preference Service to discourage unsolicited marketing faxes.

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